Stop the Discrimination: My Leggings Are Pants Too!

mom and baby at Garden of the Gods

For some reason, leggings annoy people. Maybe it’s because they aren’t technically considered pants. Maybe it’s because they highlight my curves when people would rather pretend I don’t have any. Maybe it’s because they are considered to be lazy. Whatever a person’s reason may be for hating on my comfy pants, I only have one message: Stop discriminating against my leggings. They are amazing, so screw you.

Some schools have gone as far as to send notices home to parents requesting that mothers who drop off their kids in the mornings are “properly attired” because jammie pants and exercise clothing is not considered proper. It sends the wrong message to kids apparently; something ridiculous about grooming habits and taking care of yourself. Listen up school, you’re lucky I’m wearing any pants at all right now. Back off.

If my kid is dirty or an asshole, by all means, let’s chat. However, the truth is that getting him off to school looking presentable with teeth that are brushed while simultaneously trying to prevent his little sister from unleashing the dogs into the neighborhood while she leaves a trail of Cheerios in her wake means that I don’t really give a shit what pants I’m wearing in the morning — and neither should you. As long as my kid shows up to school washed, dressed, homework done, and well-behaved, maybe the messages I’m sending him with my clothing or otherwise are perfectly acceptable.

One of the biggest arguments against wearing leggings as your pants is that not everyone has the “right body type” to rock them. Guess what, though? If someone feels comfortable in a pair of leggings, then they have the right body type. End of story. If you don’t like the way you look in them, then don’t wear them. As women, we’re always going to be judged for being too fat or too skinny or not dressing for the body type others attribute to us. Since they’re going to judge anyway, why not just wear what we want?

You know who thinks leggings are sexy on you? Your partner. Oh, and Audrey Hepburn. If Audrey said it was cool, no one else’s opinion matters. Wear those leggings, girl.

Plus, there’s no wrong way to wear leggings; they have so many uses. Case and point: I’m pregnant right now. My body is constantly changing and it’s hard to find anything that fits me properly. I’ve done maternity jeans and in addition to the fact that they suck, they’re expensive and I’ll never wear them again after I pop this baby out. Instead of spending $50+ on a pair of maternity pants I feel stupid in, I wear these $30 leggings that will continue to stretch everywhere as I grow and will shrink back down when I start to shrink. It’s perfection.

My new fave is yoga leggings because they solve the age old problem of leggings having a peek-a-boo quality to them. I can certainly agree that it’s important to make sure your leggings aren’t see through — it’s for everyone’s benefit really — but this is an issue we can resolve.

Again, there are haters that say exercise clothes aren’t “real” clothes. I say to them, “why?” Is my body covered up? Is there some rule that only slacks and a silk shirt are real clothes? They have two leg holes and cover from roughly my waist to my ankles, right? Let’s be honest here: I look way more put together in my yoga pants and neon exercise gear than I do in a t-shirt and my scrubby jeans that only sort of fit because I’m still “working” to lose the baby weight. Or even a skirt. When I wear those I just look confused. Leggings aren’t any more or less lazy than my jeans or skirts. It takes roughly the same amount of time to put them on. I can wear those around the house if I’m so inclined as well. I just don’t because leggings are way better.

More importantly than any other argument I’ve got for laying off my leggings, is that they make me feel good. Leggings, yoga pants, etc. breathe and move and stretch when I do. I don’t have to buy a new pair next month because I didn’t shed enough of the baby weight. I know my body isn’t ideal, but it’s mine, and I’m going to dress it in whatever way I damn well please, whether I’m dropping off the kids at school or heading out to dinner. You should too.



  1. Sam Still says:

    I agree. I think my wife looks HOT in leggings. She rocks them, even when she isn’t trying to. I think the only people who complain about leggings are people who think they can’t wear leggings themselves.

  2. Violet says:

    It’s crossing boundaries by sending home a note on what you should be wearing! I would reply back with a note saying until they supply you with cash up front for this so called ” Proper attire” they can kick rocks!
    Who the hell do they think they are? That is really nervy.

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