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working in LulaRoe

I received free clothing in exchange for writing a sponsored post on the blog; the opinions and tips are all my own. To learn more, check out LulaRoe Katherine Stephens.

I get it, really I do. It’s hard to get on board with LulaRoe when you see patterns of kittens and roses and unicorns. (Actual unicorns, mind you.) It’s whimsical and fun and full of personality—and not something you should waste money on because you work a 9-5 and wouldn’t be caught dead with kittens in your crotch at the office.

I feel you, mama.

I don’t disagree with you.

It can be hard to reconcile your love for the Lula with your need to look like a professional. However, it can be done, and it can be done well.

Let me explain.

Seek out the solids

While LulaRoe is known for their wacky, comfy leggings, there is certainly more to be found if you really take some time to look.

LulaRoe Classic and Cassie

Shauna Armitage wearing LulaRoe Classic and Cassie

The Perfect Ts are flattering and flowy and the Classic T has a scoop neck, but goes a little long over the rear end. Both are easy styles and work well with jeans, leggings, or tucked into a skirt.

One thing I love about LulaRoe is that you can always find these simple styles in a multitude of colors. (Solid colors that is.) So whether you’re loving the leggings or not, you can always pick up a great shirt in a color you love and then the outfit possibilities are endless.

Look for prints that are sophisticated and subtle

Everyone else’s “unicorns” tend to make me cringe a little. Maybe it’s because the idea of psychedelic fuzzy creatures dancing about on my thighs is incredibly unappealing, but also the fact that I fancy myself a professional woman.

Those simply won’t do.

Meghan Beierschmitt Lula

Meghan Beierschmitt wearing a Julia

I like bright colors and prints—in the right context—so it just comes down to knowing your own personal style and choosing prints that are grown up work well for the office.

You can do really well with things like polka dots, stripes, as well as florals and geometric designs that aren’t off the wall.

At the end of the day, I really can’t tell you what prints are appropriate for work or just for you personally, that’s a call you have to make!

Find a dress or a skirt that makes you feel feminine

The initial draw of LulaRoe is these buttery soft leggings that everyone is crawling all over one another to get at. While no one’s denying that these leggings are truly fabulous, there’s much, much more available to you.

Being a mom, I don’t have that much occasion to wear dresses. Holidays, maybe. Now that I’m back to working full time, I relish the idea of getting dressed up and having an excuse to go girly with my wardrobe.

Rachel Beth Hager wearing an Amelia

Rachel Beth Hager wearing an Amelia

Lucky for me, LulaRoe has a plethora of skirts and dresses that look lovely on many different body types.

The key is to figure out your size. If your dealer is local, go over to her place and try some things on. Get a feel for how each style plays on your curves.

If she’s not, take a leap of faith and try something out. At worst, it’s going to cost you around $3 in shipping fees to send it back…. And then you can pick another size or style. No harm done.

Some simple styling tips

I’ve heard it said that LulaRoe only looks good on skinny women. I’ve heard it said that LulaRoe is fine, as long as you don’t make it the only fashion label in your wardrobe.

On both accounts, I must disagree.

I’m neither a skinny woman nor do I have too many other kinds of clothing in my wardrobe these days, and I think I’m doing just fine.

There are so many different styles in the Lula toolkit that mixing and matching is easy, and with multiple styles of dresses and skirts, you’re bound to find something that feels like a perfect fit.

Some simple tips….

LulaRoe Julia patterned dress

LulaRoe Julia patterned dress

If you’re unsure about a pattern, ask your Lula dealer to take an up close photo for you. While some patterns look great with a photography light aimed at them, you may be disappointed when you open up the box and the background is actually purple swirls—not the clean black you had envisioned.

Also, don’t be afraid to branch out into new styles. Lula dealers don’t give refunds, but they will give you credit if you send something back you don’t like. (Unworn and with tags.)

So if something doesn’t work out, consider it an opportunity to try a style you haven’t tried yet.

Go to work, Mama

Look for solids and non-crazy patterns that you can easily style and layer with other pieces. (Those patterns really do exist if you take the time to look.) If you see a pattern or color you love, grab it. It might not be there tomorrow, and you will be sad.

Katherine Stephens in an Amelia

Katherine Stephens in an Amelia

So at the end of the day, if you’re a Lula lover, you can make a fabulous, professional wardrobe with only your LulaRoe—if you take the time to coordinate your pieces and think your outfits through.

It may take some time to curate the kind of outfits you’d be proud to wear to the office, but part of LulaRoe’s charm is the thrill of the chase, no?

It’s time to go to work, ladies. Show me what you’re working with.

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