Hey Mom, Shut Up and Vote

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This post was sponsored by Clean Air Moms ActionClean Air Moms Action is the political action partner of Moms Clean Air Force. As moms, we are building strong, bipartisan support to protect our children from the health impacts of air pollution – including the urgent crisis of our changing climate. By cultivating unlikely political support and mobilizing an army of concerned parents, we work toward keeping toxic chemicals out of our homes and bodies and delivering climate change solutions big and small.

It’s time to vote once again, and I’d venture to say that this may be the most important election of our lifetime. From the nomination of Supreme Court justices to stances on global warming which will affect our children’s children’s children, there’s a lot at stake. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how vastly different the Democratic and Republican candidates for President are. However, what do you know about your local representatives? The people running for the House? The Senate?

As Americans, we’ve grown pretty complacent when it comes to our government. We prefer to bitch and moan about how the elected officials aren’t working for us instead of heading to the voting booth to make our voices heard. Amirite?

I concede, it is much easier to be a keyboard warrior then to actually do something that could make a change. Why get off your couch to vote when you can directly affect the way others perceive the issues with your witty memes? Who doesn’t dig an article shared from a site no one has ever heard of before that doesn’t want to bother with silly old facts? Personally, that’s how I like to get my news — from my hot-headed friends who pulled their info from a less-than-reputable source.

Seriously, if you can offer me a better solution than to silently judge our peers on social media for their opinions, please do tell. But maybe, just maybe, the time to shut up and actually step up has come.

Of course we all have our opinions, our reasons for voting the way we will. But as a parent, you know that the most important reason for your choice in the polls is your kids. You need to vote because you need to help shape their future. You need to give them a better country, a better world to live in. You need to make sure the deck is stacked in their favor so they can be more successful than you were. What better reason is there to stand up and be heard? See what these moms have to say about why they will be voting in this year’s election.

Today, my son is seven years old, but whoever I help vote into office is going to shape his future. I’m constantly telling this little boy that words mean nothing when your actions don’t back them up. I want to show him that I’ll stand up for him and for his sisters by heading to the voting booth on November 8th, because it’s time to shut up and cast a vote.

I’m voting because I don’t want my kids to go bankrupt trying to pay for college. I don’t want the planet they live on to be destroyed. I want their health care to always be a priority. I want my little girls to be treated with the same respect and dignity society already affords my son.

This means that I’ll have to get a babysitter or charge up the tablet. I might possibly have to bring leftover Halloween candy as a bribe, but I’ll cast my vote this year for all the above reasons and many more.

Why is it important for YOU to vote in 2016?

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