Armitage familyHey, I’m Shauna. I’m a writer by trade and a parent by choice. I got my start freelancing for brands all over the world, but ultimately decided that writing for myself (and you) is much more gratifying. I like real talk, so that’s what you’ll find here: antidotes about less than perfect parenting, messy travel, and lifestyle you can actually relate to. (If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you know what I’m talking about.)

Aside from working hard each day to keep my kids alive, travel and marketing are my “things”. I’ve been working with travel brands for years working on their digital marketing. I also co-founded a little site called PureWander.com to start conversations about what you can do with your kids when you decide to ditch the theme park. Today, Pure Wander talks all about traveling in packs and focuses on group getaways. I’m still on board as the resident traveling mom.

I hate sitting still, so my family is always on the go. If there’s ever a moment to spare, I like reading historical novels…. which most of the time means listening to them on Audible. Oh, and drinking red wine. Always red wine. Connect with me on Twitter @VioletMoonBlog, or shoot an email to shauna@thevioletmoon.com if you are interested in having your product or destination featured on the Violet Moon.



Meet the Crew




First there’s Brian. He’s my partner in this mad house we’ve created. He absolutely loves the outdoors: hiking, boating, climbing, camping — you name it. I think he’s a little insane, but I love him anyway. He’s smarter than I am, so it isn’t always easy. Above all, he’s an amazing husband and father, and he helps keep our adventures interesting.









Next, we’ve got Bug. He was an only child for quite some time, but now that’s changed and he’s a stellar big brother. The kid loves everything science and is often showing me up on our family adventures. From 12 mile hikes to snorkeling with manatees, this kid is down for whatever. His favorite trip is always the last one we took, and he’s quickly adding pins to his travel map.









The middle child is our little Nugget. Although five years younger than her big brother, she MUST do everything he does, and that’s often when her inner diva comes out. She loves to sing and dance more than anything. Except eat. She likes that a lot. She’s starting to discover her own passion for everything we do. It won’t be long before she can hike and climb, putting me to shame just like her brother does.







Squish is on her way and will join our family officially in July 2016. We are looking forward to welcoming her on our adventures and becoming a family of five. Chicka had already been on two trips and she hasn’t even left the womb yet. That’s pretty impressive.