8 Times My Husband Was Sexy Today

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There are lots of ways to be sexy. For some it’s about physical appearance; for others it’s about confidence; many find good humor to be incredibly attractive in a partner. No two people have the same exact definition, but whatever your definition may be, there was something special you saw in your partner when you first got together. Here’s why my husband was sexy today.

1. Hubby works pretty late, so it doesn’t always happen, but sometimes he lets me sleep in. An extra hour may be all I get, but since I’m the one getting up with the kids seven days a week, that extra hour is pure heaven. Being thoughtful is sexy.

2. Teamwork isn’t always possible when you are parenting. Some days there’s lots of give, and other days there’s even more. I love it when he takes over getting the kids ready: feeding them, changing diapers, and getting them dressed so I can straighten my hair before we leave. Stepping up to the plate is sexy.

3. My husband insists that he isn’t a cat person, but I can tell you all about several occasions where I walked into the room and saw him kissing our cat’s little nose. Being an animal person is sexy.

4. My kids love music so we’re always listening to it in the car. Disney music to be exact. WHen hubby is along with us for the ride, he competes with the kids to see who can sing the loudest. He knows all the words. Being light hearted is sexy.

5. That guy I married works pretty hard. He’s got a full time job and school, yet he always makes time to go to the gym and help his friends out when they need it. He also manages to find the time to go hiking with us, to do homework with our kindergartener, and wrestle with the toddler. Managing priorities is sexy.

6. I’ve been pregnant for the better part of the past three years. I’ve been nauseous, achy, head-achy, and manage to get killer sinus infections as well. In short, I’ve erred on the side of hot mess. He always knows when I’m not quite right, and his go to is playing with my hair and scratching my head so I can relax. Being caring is sexy.

7. After eight years together, our bodies have changed quite a bit. We’re not those skinny little things that could drink all night and have pizza for breakfast with nothing to show for it but garlic breath. Although plenty of time has passed, my breath still catches when I see his muscular shoulders spread across his pillow in the morning. Being sexy is sexy.

8. By far the sexiest moment my husband has each day is when he isn’t even around. When my toddler wakes up and I hear her babbling away happily to herself, I go right in to get her. She greets me with the biggest of smiles, but asks for her daddy. All the little things he does each day to show our kids that he loves them makes a huge difference in their lives. Being a good dad is sexy. Nothing is sexier.

When you get married, things change. When you have kids, things change big time. As the years go by, it isn’t easy to stay connected to your partner when all the craziness of everyday life takes over. Sometimes you have to look for all the little reasons to love your partner as much as you did in the beginning. Those reasons may be different than they used to be, but if you can figure out what they are, he’ll be as sexy to you today as he was years ago.

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