4 Worst Places To Pee Yourself When Pregnant

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It’s no secret that your body goes through a ton of changes when you get pregnant, but until you experience it yourself, it’s impossible to completely understand. Hands down, the most annoying new development is the constant need to pee — and your inability to prevent yourself from peeing at inopportune times. However, there are a few places that suck to pee yourself more than the rest.

1. At special occasions

There’s certainly no ‘right’ place to have an accident, but as Leah Elwood of Love & Blues tells us, special occasions with lots of people are definitely not good places to have an ‘oops’ moment.

“I was about 6 months pregnant when my husband graduated from the police academy. It was so exciting, since it’s a goal he’d worked to achieve for a long time.” says Leah. “I made sure to get all dolled up, with makeup, a dress, heels, everything. When they announced the color guard, everyone stood up. As I was standing up, when I was still in a slightly crouched position, my son decided that was the perfect time to karate chop my bladder. The position I was standing in didn’t offer a lot of support for my pelvic floor muscles, and that combined with the surprise of the kick made me pee myself. It was mortifying! I stood for the presentation of colors praying that it would dry by the time I had to sit back down.”

2. When exercising

Believe it or not, pregnant women still exercise. While you’re carrying your little one around, it’s not the time to take up Cross Fit for the first time, but you should still be moving, and that can mean a lot of things. Whether you lift light weights at the gym or go hiking with your tribe, exercise is a bad time to pee yourself.

Maybe it was only a little leak and you don’t mind letting it air dry, but there’s always the chance that it’s quite a bit more and continuing to get your fitness on is going to be uncomfortable for you and everyone around you.

3. In bed

You thought you were done with having nighttime accidents when you were like four years old or something, right? Wrong. Pregnancy has created a whole new set of circumstances that will prevent you from controlling your own bladder, even when you think you’re safe from accidents.

It can be tough to get any sleep at all, especially once the third trimester hits. Even the slightest bit of liquid before bed can slosh around in there and wake you up to use the restroom. But what happens when you can’t just get up? When you have to rock back and forth or grab for something to give you enough momentum to move into an upright position? As some of us well know, it could be too little too late. Nothing like changing the sheets at 4am.

4. Any place you’re with your children

That pee can come out so quickly and randomly, you just don’t know how or when it’ll strike — much less where. Unfortunately, you can’t skip out on leaving the house for the next 9 months and it typically only takes a cough or a sneeze to make you lose any semblance of control. You may think you’re safe in a place like Wal-Mart or Target, because if worse comes to worse, you’ll go buy yourself something to change into. Sorry, but it’s not that simple when you’ve got kids in tow.

Just a quick, easy trip to the store for milk and to refill your ever dwindling supply of toilet paper? Not a chance. Trying to explain to a curious five-year-old why your leg is all wet is no fun. Plus, once you’ve got your new items, keeping a toddler behaved in the itty bitty bathroom stall while you attempt to get the new clothes on over your gigantic form is a feat better left to Circus Soleil performers or Harry Houdini.

No one wants to have an accident anywhere while they’re pregnant, but you know it’s not an “if” situation as much as a “when”. These four places are particularly rough ones to cough or sneeze when you’re expecting, but you can be prepared with a change of clothes or even pads to keep dry and comfortable.

Share your story! What’s the worst place you peed yourself when pregnant?

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