4 Reasons To Go For the Sprinkle

Woman at her baby shower

I remember saying something about having a baby shower when we found out we were expecting our second child, and not everyone liked that idea. Some people even shot me down because “it’s not done”. It didn’t bother me because we pretty much had what we needed from baby #1. Mostly. Sort of. Five years had gone by and things had changed a bit.

Turns out that it actually is done. It’s a regular thing now. So regular, even, that a second baby shower cornily been deemed a “sprinkle”. I highly suggest you don’t call it that, but I definitely think you should have one, and here’s why.

1. You knew nothing about being a parent when you registered the first time

I remember doing my baby registry when I was pregnant with Bug. Hubby and I had our gender reveal ultrasound, went out to lunch, and then hit Toys R Us with that little price-gun-thingy full of excitement. We had no earthly clue what we were doing. Anything that looked cool or useful was put on the list. We registered for cheaper “big” items like a high chair, swing, and a pack ‘n’ play because we felt horrible asking our friends and family to buy us that overpriced nonsense. When my mother-in-law bought a sweet swing for her house that would knock my son out in five seconds flat, I quickly learned the error of my ways – but it was too late at that point. Le sign.

2. Baby gear is cooler now

Have you ever hung out with one of your friends that has their first after you and immediately gotten jealous over their fabulous baby carrier or sippy cup you didn’t know existed? Well, it didn’t exist when you had your first baby, so tough luck my friend. The truth is that innovation when it comes to baby gear is that every year it gets more stylish and useful. Just because you are on baby number 2, 3, or 4 doesn’t mean you don’t want to take advantage of how the times are changing. Seriously, whoever created this car seat that turns into a stroller is my hero. Somebody buy this guy a beer. (Yup, invented by a dad, everyone.)

3. You may have a child of a different gender than your first

It never occurred to be until my daughter was born, but not much is gender neutral when it comes to baby stuff. Never bothered me to put her in all the blue monkey gear we had leftover from my son, but some people do want their gear to match their little one’s gender.

More than that though, have you seen the prices on baby clothes? If you’re like me and unwilling to put your little girl in little navy t-shirts with skulls – because polka dots, skirts, and bows – then you might need a second job if you want to clothe the new baby between laundry days. You know what helps with that? A baby shower full of your friends and family who are just as excited to pick out dresses that will fit on a mini human too.

4. It’s still a reason to celebrate

If you have everything you need, then there’s no reason to set up a registry or ask people to bring you clothes, books, or anything baby related at all. However, whether you’re expecting your second child or tenth, it’s still a reason to celebrate. Don’t let anyone make you feel less excited about having a baby because it’s not your first; every new child is an exciting thing for a family, so you should celebrate it – and celebrate it in style.



  1. Great points! I had a sprinkle for my 2nd one and it was a reason to get together and hang out….plus they helped me stock up on some diapers. To each his own, but I believe every baby should be celebrated!

  2. Emily says:

    We are having a shower for my second baby in 1.5 weeks! We had a boy first and now a girl. We ended up registering for furniture for my son who will be giving up most of his furniture to the baby! Plus adorable girl clothes, lol!!

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